Blog Phase1

My first blog had several goals to achieve.

1)  The first goal is  to research and demonstrate and considered several topics, and decided upon one global issue or problems that you have a personal interest in spending the semester researching and conducting a global to local service project around.

I have decided to write about issue that I personally experienced and had global and local effect on several communities around the world. I have chosen to talk about FGM or Female Genital Mutilation.

2) The second goal is to demonstrate  thorough understanding of all of the factors that are part of the global problem, such as who, what, when, where and how of this problem or issue.

After researching why communities around the world practice FGM, I have come to conclusion that, culture had big role of practicing genital mutilation. People around the word respect their culture and take it serous.

3) The third goal is to provide a wide variety of ways to illustrate the problem, including text, and all of the multi-media possibilities available on a blog.

I have provided Pictures, videos, graphs to illustrate and emphasize the issue of FGM.

4) The fourth goal is to tie the problem and issues to the course, vocabulary, concepts and methods, including the concepts and vocabulary presented below

I have use all the methods, vocabulary as much as  I can use them.

5)  The fifty goal is to demonstrate the use the thinking methods presented in the course to describe the research you have undertaken.

I have demonstrated and that Female genital mutilation is and still have big impact on many lives around the world. I have researched and found many method that are presented in the course. For example is that FGM is tope issue when it cames to human right and human right advocated deal with it every day. To prevent the spread of this practice any more.


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